Why Using a Email Marketing Platform that allows Tagging is Essential to any Business in 2015

Is your Email Marketing Platform Losing You Money?


If you want a competitive advantage, Then you need to understand how to treat your customers as individuals.

If you want to earn more money, Then you need to understand what “your customers want”…. And you need to know how to give it to them

This is not as easy as it sounds…

How would you like to know The biggest mistake that loses businesses Billions of Dollars every single day?

You would be surprised to know that most businesses make this mistake.

However, This gives you a massive opportunity…

If you join the 10% that are doing it right, You will see massive gains in your marketing campaigns.. & even have a massive advantage over your competitors

So What is this massive mistake…?

I call It “flocking”

So what does it mean to flock your customers?

“Flocking is when you treat your entire audience  as if they are a single person”

FlockingEssentially you are treating them like sheep, and guiding them down the route you want them to go.

Services like Aweber, Getresponsonse, Mailchimp and many others just don’t have the functionality you need to segment the individuals in your customer database effectively.

I call them flock providers, they allow you to segment groups to a certain extent, But not anywhere as effectively as you would want if you want to generate the most profit per customer.

Now chances are you have already seen what we do when a new customer joins ProFunnels. We send them through a page funnel that discovers exactly what that user wants and who they are and what they do.

Its great having this information…

However, The true power of using pagefunnels, Is that we can use this information to place individuals onto a certain marketing campaign based on the choices they make.

Email Marketing TaggingTo do this, we use a service called active campaign, Their are other services available like ontraport,Constant Contact and infusionsoft that have the same features.

Now, If i was to jump into my Account at active campaign, And look at a individual user, I can see all the tags that pagefunnels added to their customer timeline, when they completed our customer survey.

But whats more important, We can actually send emails in a completely automated manner based on these tags.

Active campaign tagging

So lets say a new customer just finished our survey, They told me during that survey that they own a digital marketing agency, They earn over 5k a month and they are interested in one on one mentoring.

Screenshot 2015-08-30 23.55.53I can setup a funnel, inside Active campaign that automaticaly sends out a sequence of emails to the users that have these specific tags applied to their customer timeline.

Now i have a very good indication that these are the ideal prospects, to purchase a high price point product of about $2000 Or a personal mentoring plan with recurring payments.

If i was to send that offer like a “flocker” to my entire lists. I would have a low click through rate , high unsubscribes and potentially a lot of spam complaints.

This means when i next went to send out a lower priced offer it would be to a smaller list, essentially i would have lost future customers that still had a lot of potential to send me money further down the line..

When you send out a offer, you need to know the person at the other side is going to be interested.

If you start “flocking about” and sending out emails that are not relevant to your individual subscribers. Then they will think twice about openeing your next email.

Relevance =  Engagement =  profit

Now, the reason i made this post and video, was because I dont want to see you losing money…

A lot of marketers & businesses are very passionate about the services they use in their business and I wanted to put across my opinion and the main reason why I made PageFunnels in the first place.

PageFunnels was created to increase the profits and lifetime of each and every customer on your list. And we put a massive emphasis on creating a product that CONVERTS better than any other tool on the market.

Most survey tools, are not designed to convert. Infact, I bet any tool you have used doesnt even show the conversion rates of your surveys. They are just not optimised for marketing.

Most tools wont even let you tag users on a individual basis.

This is why, I reccomend using pagefunnels with a email marketing platform that will allow you to get the best results with functionality like tagging.

Check out this video to see how we use active campaign and PageFunnels to segment our audience

I strongly reccomend using a service like active campaign, ontraport or infusionsoft to get the best results.

Of course you can continue to use a less advanced platform, however.. This will limit the the way you can automate individual subscribers becuase of their limited functionality in what they let us do.

So. I hope this post has helped, and maybe given you a few ideas of potential routes you can go to increase your profits.

Below the video i have links to the services we reccomend using with PageFunnels to get the best results.

 Check Out Active Campaign Here


Checkout PageFunnels Here

If you have any questions, then please feel free to drop a comment below and I will respond As soon as possible.

See you next time.

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As a kid, Most of my time was spent skate boarding and thinking up new tricks.. Now I do exactly the same, Only with software tools, However, The tools we roll out now are optimised to get results... We strive to create products that are unique, Products that no one else has done or created before. If you want to stand out then you are in the right place!


    • Hey Dennis,
      I just had a look at Constant Contact and see it does allow tagging. I have put it on the todo list to get it setup with their API and I will edit the article to make sure they get a mention. Thanks for pointing that out.

  1. Hey Alexander. This is excellent. I had wondered if Pro Funnels had this ability and its so exciting that it does. What I would like next is a blog that talks about how to set up a mini campaign to people on my list so a person wants to go fill out the survey. I know Ive seen something from you but right now it’s a blur where to find it. Awesome job promoting this tool and not letting us drop off a cliff with it. Because of your post I will actually use it! Thanks again.

  2. Plan out your tagging system in a spreadsheet so you can visualize what is going on and really get a feel for the structure and what would be most logical. Besides being essential during the planning stage, you’ll want to keep this up-to-date with your latest tags, notes on what they are doing, and how you are using them, so that you prevent a “tagging crisis.”